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Genealogy, Photos, and Misc. for Tim and Sherrie Fredrick


Welcome to my web page! I am Tim Fredrick, working in IT and cybersecurity. I'm hoping to use this site not only to share photos and content for friends and family, but also to make available genealogy information. This site will work best if you are logged into Google (such as for Google mail) using the same browser with which you are viewing this site. My public genealogy is available for anyone who is interested -- please let me know about errors and inaccuracies and I'll try to fix them with subsequent updates. If you are exploring family history, it is important to follow and document your own sources -- take my own research with a healthy degree of skepticism and perhaps a grain or two of salt.

Ellie the dog

If you see a lock icon, this means that a link has been restricted to those with Google accounts who have been set up to access these links. My "annotated genealogy" is password-protected and for authorized family members only -- send email to to request access.